Zero hours contracts should be banned

The whole concept of the gig economy is great if you are an employer with no consideration for your employees. However, the IoM could be a world leader by banning such practices and setting a good example to other jurisdictions.

More and more workers are losing employment rights and being put on these one-sided contracts - often with a "take it or leave it" approach from the emplyers. Unless something is done to stop this trend, there is a strong danger that the majority of us will find ourselves working under the gig economy before too long.


Why the contribution is important

Zero hours workers quite often have to commit to being available during certain hours and/or certain days, yet if they are not offered work at those times, or if they are ill or otherwise unable to work, there is no sick pay, holiday pay, or any other benefit available as they are not "available for work" with any other employer. This can have catastrophic effects should the worker have more than a few days off.

Furthermore, workers on zero hours have no chance of getting any sort of loan, mortgage or credit, due to the total lack of security or guaranteed earnings.

Even IoM Government workers find themselves the victims of these practises. This is an opportunity to put things right and to be seen to be a caring amployer.

Surely, in the twenty-first century, a better scheme can be found than these restictive Victorian conditions?

by NorthernResident on May 14, 2017 at 08:29PM

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