Vehicle Road Tax

All vehicles using the public highways should pay road tax. The allowing of some vehicles not to pay this tax is not sustainable as more of these type of vehicles will be on our roads in the future. Everyone not paying to use the roads puts the burden onto the people that have vehicles that have to pay.
​The road tax fee should be split into two parts. Everyone should pay a set fee of around £30 or £40 and then depending what CO2 band their vehicle is in they will pay a second fee, the lowest CO2 will pay the lowest band fee and then each CO2 band will go up an appropriate amount. If there was a way of getting an official mileage each year then a fee per mile for this second part could be used and then the road tax would be based on the vehicles usage.



Why the contribution is important

It will make everyone who uses the roads pay for the upkeep which is fairer. If someone uses a government service then it is only fair that they should pay towards it.

by gantdoo on May 11, 2017 at 08:12AM

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