Vehicle Licencing

Vehicle Licencing.


There are currently around about a hundred different groups / classes and sub-groups / classes of vehicle licences!   The administration costs, printing costs, etc., must be huge.


What if we could simplify the system to get the number down to a handful of easily understood groups.  As long as the tax take remained the same then huge savings would be made on the administration of the system.


Given that the system is there to provide funding for the provision and maintenance of roads and that roads deteriorate due to wear by traffic and therefore the weight of the traffic going over them why not raise road tax on the basis of the vehicle manufacturers Gross vehicle weight for each vehicle on a £ per Kg value basis and not as currently by the engine size of any particular vehicle.  Adjustment to the tax take could be made very simply as required by adding or deducting a few pence to the £ per Kg figure across the whole system.


There will always be a few exceptions for example Motorcycles and classic vehicles which could be dealt with as present on engine capacity/ age given their lightweight  / limited usage.


Everything else goes into the ‘By Weight System’ including electric cars; you’ll be surprised how much they weigh.


Environmentally: -  Smaller , lighter, cars are more friendly than the bigger, heavier, SUVs and 4x4s which would still pay more under this system.  Odd anomalies to this rule would be ‘Supercars’ etc., but given that there aren’t that many in everyday use then leaving them in with the general mix wouldn’t have that much effect.


Commercial vehicles, given that they do the most damage to the roads could be taxed at their maximum weight capacity when loaded minus say 10% recognising that they are not always travelling loaded. A discount could be applied as now to support businesses if this was felt appropriate.



Why the contribution is important

It may well simply save money and be simpler to administer / understand.

by sandy10 on April 25, 2017 at 03:43PM

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  • Posted by SuzyB April 25, 2017 at 17:01

    Sorry I think this sounds like a terrible idea, vehicle licences should be rated on the size of the engine not the weight of the car.

    What you mean, Everything else goes by a weight system, this is such a nonsense statement.....and with the exceptions you are already thinking of it sounds as if there would be the same amount of admin and paperwork!!!!
  • Posted by dpfellows April 26, 2017 at 01:48

    Or put the tax on fuel as suggested earlier by other posters. That way it becomes a very low administration self-administering revenue raising system.
  • Posted by Manxlotus April 26, 2017 at 09:59

    I agree with SuzyB by weight is ridiculous! Much fairer to break vehicles into groups/categories and ignore the emissions as manufacturers have already been proven to be cheating.

    * Car
    * Motorcycle/Moped
    * Motorhome/Campervan
    * Van - small medium and large
    * Wagon
    * Electric vehicle
    * Historic Vehicle

    Scrap having tax disks and let wardens and Police use the database that is already in use - why have the system if it isn't in use or supplemented by an out of date paper system?

  • Posted by commonsense April 26, 2017 at 11:39

    ANPR cameras are being trialled on the island.
    how often do you see a driver being fined for not having VED

    this is a general taxation and isn't used to build/maintain roads.
  • Posted by jaagman May 08, 2017 at 12:56

    By weight is ridiculous. I with dpfellows/others, put it on fuel....

    More inefficient cars or those that do more mileage and hence use the road more, would pay more.

     Visitors who come and use our roads would also end up contributing for the roads they're using if they fill up here, or if they're only here for short time and don't fill up here, then it's still no different to now. With added advantage of greatly reduced admin, and no need to worry about UK registered vehicles staying as UK registered on IOM indefinitely! So no more need for "Police crackdowns on UK cars".

    Also, fixes the crazy situation if you've got several classic cars / motorbikes (as is the passion of many on the Isle of Man) which have to be taxed, even if they only use the road once a year for a club meeting! You can only drive/ride one at a time. It's not like the ones in the garage are wearing out the roads, regardless of their weight / engine size!

    Just put it on petrol, support enthusiasts, and cut the admin!
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