Use technology such as Skype more readily.

Using Skype or some other technology could allow many patients who currently travel off - Island for appointments to discuss their problems without leaving the Island. Naturally where a hands -on examination is necessary this would not be appropriate but there are plenty of situations  where this is not the case. 

We could have a suite of rooms with appropriate nurses available here (so that any residual anxieties could be discussed after the skype call - as in a "live " situation at present ) and install the technology in the relevant hospitals " across" if this is necessary. 

Skype could also be used for consultations in any field and even for conference calls here on the Island so that travel and parking could be avoided. Although there are lots of times when it is helpful to meet face to face this is not always necessary. 

Why the contribution is important

Increased use of Skype type calls would save travel, stress,and money.

As this kind of technology is availabe and used  in a very large percentage of homes in the Isle of Man it is astonishing that government has not embraced it more readily. 

by PK on May 10, 2017 at 06:56PM

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