Use of Online Services

Use for communication
Online services provides a very secure system for communication between IOM Government
and the registered users. It is very frustrating and a waste of resources that this communication
only goes one way.
-  all emails should have a response email address
-  there should be a Government address book associated with the communication section and
people should be able to send from there confidential information direct to the person who
deals with the issue in hand
 Saves time for the public looking for contact details
 Provides a secure platform to provide confidential information
 Saves time with Government enquiries staff
 Saves time with multiple handling of correspondence
Personal Information Details
 Online Services should have a personal information section where addresses and contacts
are maintained for use by the whole of Government
 Users should be asked to register their bank account details and all refunds paid to this account
Users should have the option to pay by Direct Debit using the bank account details
 Personal details kept up to date
 Only one set of personal details maintained across Government
 Payments are made without resorting to cheques
 Government receives prompt payment of outstanding tax, VAT etc etc
 A valuable reference service could be offered (at a fee) to third parties doing away with the
utility bill and passport merry go round
Stop paper correspondence
 For any service where a person or business registers for online services paper forms should
cease by default
 Coding notices, vat returns, tax correspondence etc via paper is not required
 Saves costs of printing and posting
Annual Returns and Company Documentation Submission
Government has a thoroughly vetted and secure online service. It is understood that current
registry systems could easily allow online completion and submission. Why can't people review
and submit standard company forms using online services?
 All company return forms should be accessible online with pre-populated details, a
statement that the details are correct and a submit button to file. This can be linked to the
shopping basket to pay
 Emails should be sent out to all registered secretaries to remind them that forms are due
 Massive benefit to company secretaries who currently have to complete, print and post
 Online payment saving cost of cheque handling
 Customer data entry saving the manual processes in the Company's registry
Use of Online services
Why does anyone complete a manual VAT and tax returns?
Why do cards exist for PAYE & NI return?
In the vast majority of cases it is not because the user does not have internet access but the
answer is because there has not been a sufficient push to move interactions online
 Where any service is available for online submission then manual submission should incur a
handling charge unless an exemption is received (OAPs etc)
 Staff labour saving with online submission
 Short term revenue raising from those who do not opt for online


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