unidentified loss of vat

I recently got from the internet prices for a ne tyre formy car from a number of fitters in douglas. all were similar about £150.

I chose one and went to order itin douglas to find that ifthe order was placed here the cost would be just over £200

The lower price was for placing the order with theis head office in the uk, and paying the uk both the cost and the vat, and the tyre would be sent here for fitting. I assume also that as there would be little added value on the island and therefor no profit and presumably no corporation tax.

The same occurred when a friend went to an equipment hire firm to rent some lifting gear, the price was significantly cheaper if placed ond paid for direct to their uk parent.


Why the contribution is important

I suspect recent suveys on internet spending only touched the tip of the iceberg,and the loss of vat will grow.

by ericwilson on May 14, 2017 at 07:27PM

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