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It seems to be very difficult to find out the economics of the TT and MGP. 

I hope and expect that these events do generate income for all sorts of businesses and home let's. So that is positive.

However is there a figure that shows how much money in total taxpayers put into the event and the connected support needed for them - not just at the time but through the year (for example for seemingly very frequent road repairs specifically to the course).

It may be that these costs are finely controlled and transparent. If so they will be immediately available for close inspection.

If they are not closely controlled then there may be significant ongoing savings and ongoing opportunities for moving costs to the private sector too.

My recommendation is that a full and very comprehensive identification of all costs associated right through the year with supporting, preparing for and running these events should be carried out. These could then be scrutinised and evaluated in detail. 

Why the contribution is important

Taxpayer money spent in any ways related to these events should be subject to clear and open accountability to ensure that the costs to taxpayers are visible and that it is being spent effectively.

by dpfellows on May 09, 2017 at 06:04PM

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