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Increased tourism would be an important way to deliver extra finances to the Island. At present the cost od travelling here is high. we need a shipping service which will bring down costs. We are not getting this from the Steam Packet. Before continuing with any agreement with this firm the Government should really consider if there are better ways to transport passengers and goods here.

The Steam Packet denies that the cost of travelling here is more than it should be because they use the money to help pay off their company's debts. Many of us doubt this. In any case, it is still very costly to travel or send freight here. Also, the Steam Packet doesn't have enough boats during the TT and when emergencies arise. The Island should not have to pay for the Steam Packet acquiring more boats.

There seem to be many ship's companies out there that offer better value than the Steam Packet. We do not owe the company anything. The Government should consider very carefully all other options. As for the User Agreement, this should not be a bargaining issue. This area should remain the property of the Island and not be leased at all.

If the Government does decide to have an agreement with the Steam Packet it should not be along the lines of the present one which seems incredibly foolish on the Government's part. I cannot believe that anyone would allow an agreement that allows the other participant to call the shots on when to end the agreement, as the Government has appeared to do in this case!

Cheaper travel and freight charges would not only encourage tourism but it would also encourage businesses to move to the Island. So please, think very carefully about the good of the Island and not how individuals might benefit before reaching any agreement with the Steam Packet.

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We need the extra money that increased tourism and extra business would bring.

by Winifred on May 07, 2017 at 02:28PM

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  • Posted by Buster May 07, 2017 at 14:42

    I have referred to the cost of flights from Jersey to London and many seats can be obtained at circa £70
    On drilling in Jersey charges are lower than ours.
    There is specfic reason for a government to run and operate an airport.
    Phil Gawne some time ago that he could save 2 million, I have no reason to doubt what he said was true. He didn't say how these savings could be made.
    In my opinion government should be an operator of last resort. They are not elected to run businesses.
    I believe tenders should be sought to operate the airport, this will allow you to determine what is value for money
  • Posted by dpfellows May 08, 2017 at 16:54

    Prior to the last election, Winifred, Mr Gawne and Ms Reynolds said that they had a process in place to encourage applicants interested in being considered to operate 'the strategic sea services'. They reported that this had attracted a significant number of expressions of interest from experienced ferry operators. These were to be pursued in a tendering process.

    Prior to the previous election the same Mr Gawne and Ms Reynolds said that they could cut operating costs at Ronaldsway 'by at least £2 million pa'.

    Ms Reynolds later, after the election, sought to back out of the commitment given in relation to Ronaldsway.

    Could the same backing out be about to happen in relation to sea service tenders?

    One thing I would say based on frequent use is that in fairness to the IOMSPC other Irish Sea ferry companies including Irish Ferries, Stena and P&O charge high fares too.

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