Transparency, reporting and accountability

Add complete transparency to Governmental processes, including dashboard-style reporting of all key Government processes for each department. This could include things like (random thoughts):

  • Number of phone rings before call is picked up
  • Waiting lines / lists
  • Time to getting a meeting / appointment
  • Speed of processing a planning application
  • Sickness rates
  • Hours worked
  • Overtime worked (paid and unpaid)
  • Number of employees
  • Average pay
  • Staff grades/bands
  • Canteen spending / subsidisation
  • Pages printed
  • Bandwith usage
  • Time spent on the phone
  • Clock in / out times
  • Hours computers are turned on

Almost all this information already exists / is collected for various purposes, so it wouldn't take much to anonymise and publish it.

And add some informational ratios as well; overtime hours / number of employees for example so we the general public can understand this and see whether it makes sense. Many comments on here are that DOI work hours and hours of overtime when they don't need to - is this actually true? If so, why? Is it more than the norm? As with another suggestion I had, benchmarking to a UK or other average would seem a fair basis for comparison with things outside the average needing corrective action to be taken. 

Why the contribution is important

This adds something which is arguably missing from Government (or there's a perception that it is missing) - accountability. If everything is made transparent, then it makes people more accountable for their actions, knowing they'll (even if anonymised) be made public. As an example - if sickness rates by department are public, it might make people think twice about taking the day off sick or leaving that important call/email till Monday if it will be reflected in poor statistics / monitoring.

If this concept can be re-inforced then it should help to minimise inefficiency which in turn will contribute towards saving money within Government. The core concept is that if you're working hard (as hard as your benchmark) and doing your job properly, there's nothing to be worried about being reported... right?

by FourFourTwoTwoZero on May 02, 2017 at 02:34PM

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