Traffic police not traffic calming

Set up a hotline which residents phone if they don't like the speed of traffic in their area. A policeman collates the calls and identifies hotspots.

A speedtrap is set up on that area and motorists are filmed by a speed camera held by the policeman. The policeman then issues fines to all of the motorists identified by the speedtrap. This continues for a week or until the speedtrap fails to catch new speeders.

A database of regular speeders identifies multiple offenders and the fines issue progressively for each offence (£200 becomes £400 becomes £600 and so forth until confiscation).

The money is used to defray the cost of maintaining a police force.

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Traffic calming measures are despised by regular motorists, blight the scenery of the Isle of Man, are lampooned by the public and are ineffective. By contrast, targetted actions by police generate revenue.

by Rusty on May 10, 2017 at 07:10PM

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  • Posted by cassi May 11, 2017 at 13:22

    Traffic calming surely slows traffic down, prevents accidents and investigations, custody time and possibly saves lives which may or may not outweigh the revenue from speed traps? What cost do you place on a life
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