Text Reminders for GP and Hospital Appointments

Subscribe to a text reminder service to help remind people of doctors and hospital appointments. This would be particuarly useful for hospital appointments which are some times set for  many months in advance. 

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Reminding people by text would help reduce the amount of missed appointments which would deliver cost savings (missed hospital appointments are estimated to cost £100 + an hour in the UK). It would also save costs in printing and posting letters. 

by mumoftwo on April 05, 2017 at 01:44PM

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  • Posted by Kerri April 05, 2017 at 13:51

    This is a great idea, I'm registered in one of the busier GP clinics on the Island and they record a significant amount of missed appointments each month. I'd take this further and say provide email reminders as well as mobile texts. Even if they occur a few days before the appointment it will give the appointee time to cancel their appointment if they know that they won't make it on the day.
  • Posted by GAC April 05, 2017 at 14:02

    This is already happening, and is about to become used Island wide
  • Posted by ninjadispenser April 08, 2017 at 16:09

    Should be better advertised as its only the receptionists that tell you if they remember at present.I am both busy and forgetful and find it really useful!
  • Posted by dpfellows April 11, 2017 at 14:39

    Are appointments notified by letter? If they are this will not be needed at all if this system is in place. Phone or email the appointment and then have an automated text follow up.

    Making appointments by phone ensures that times are suitable because you are communicating directly with the client. This avoids any need. And wasted time on follow up. Also save time and costs generating and mailing letters.
  • Posted by ninjadispenser April 17, 2017 at 11:36

    All Hospital,Surgeries and Pharmacies should have contact details as a matter of safety,in case of error in prescribing or need to come in urgently and giving this information should be mandatory.If it were,then the very useful text reminders could all be sent out en mass each day/day before,which would also give patients time to cancel instead of just not bothering to turn up and would go a long way to solving the missed appointment issue too!
    We introduced asking patients for contact details in the the case of owed items on prescriptions, so as soon as item arrives,we ring them to let them know.You would be amazed how many people did not pick up owed medications prior to this despite an owing slip being given to them!
    The problem is when phoning them, if they don't pick up and hospital is trying to make appointment with them,needs sometimes several calls which is time wasting and leads to falling through the net.
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