"Taxpayer" not "Government"

A bit of applied psychology!

Instead of government announcements saying "the government has agreed to an x% increase in ...etc..." require all government announcements related to spending, services, salary increases etc... to say instead:

"taxpayers will be paying for an x% increase in ..." or "Taxpayers will be funding a new service..." etc


Requiring it to be acknowledged in all government announcements that it is the taxpayer who is providing the wherewithal for new services, new purchases or increases makes it absolutely clear that whatever it is it is coming out of taxpayers pockets not some abstract concept which 'government' is.

Politicians would then be honestly having to front up to the fact that it is not this abstract concept that is paying but all taxpaying residents.

And reading that they are paying for x, y or z would make taxpayers more aware that it is indeed their hip pocket that is paying.


Why the contribution is important

This simple change in wording would make a massive shift in perceptions and put the taxpayer at the heart of the process not outside it as happens when it is said for example that the government is paying for something - they are not as it is not their money they are using but taxpayers' money.

Simple and so easy to implement - well worth a try next time say the government wants to announce that "taxpayers will be funding a 2% increase in the PS wage bill" or "taxpayers will be paying £20 million for the resiting of the Landing Stage in Liverpool"


Rather brings home where the buck comes from...


by dpfellows on April 05, 2017 at 09:14PM

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