Taxi / travel costs for hospital patients on island - review

I was told that a patient from as far south as you can get, travels to Ramsey Cottage hospital 3 times a week in a taxi for essential treatment because there is no room for them at Nobles. The condition they have will never go away without a transplant.

This person is unwell, the extra travel not comfortable and certainly not cost effective.

If we have other patients doing this the cost and discomfort must be notable. Surely this should be reviewed and resources adjusted ? There appears to be no mechanism for doing this . Matching Resource to Demand to me is common sense. It must be nearly £250 a week + in taxis.

Why the contribution is important

Saving taxi costs giving patients better deal in time and service.

More efficient use of resources by reviewing/monitoring demand to supply on a regular basis.

Looking at the whole patients needs short and long term and increasing the quality of care.

by Manneen on May 05, 2017 at 10:53AM

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