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The Isle of Man has an active and diverse third sector which embraces over 600 voluntary, community and faith groups which in monetary terms contributes in the region of £100m per annum to our economy and also contributes significantly to the Island’s rich Social Capital base through volunteering and civil action across the community. It works with Government in the delivery of services and the development of strategies.

The main thrust of all charitable and voluntary organisations on the Island is to improve people’s standard of living. This often goes beyond the quantifiable benefits and adds significant value to the economy. In fact without such voluntary services and charitable organisations the Isle of Man Government would have a much heavier burden of social responsibility which would be a direct proportionate burden on the economic stability of the economy. Enhancing that input and the underlying relationships will significantly impact on SAVE.

It is also becoming increasingly recognised that a Third sector with negligible centralised costs can help the Government achieve various policies by providing a more cohesive and proactive method of delivery of services. With specialist resources and access too many of the neediest in the community (that the Government may not have access to) the sector may provide value added services.

As third sector organisations are increasingly being called upon to justify costs and make each pound go further it can give Government the benefit of that experience.

The Sector as it has in the past is committed to working with Government in developing the five-year plan and savings initiatives. It also recognises that it needs to realign itself in order to achieve savings and efficiencies which can be utilised to expand service provision.


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