Stretching Not Easy

The current cost reduction target of about 2.5% of total government spending is the sort of goal most large, medium and small private companies achieve without major difficulties or major fuss. It is something that the public sector should be able to deliver without reference to the public or to SAVE programmes. 

This is even more so now that the Chief Minister has said that "there are no sacred cows" - to achieve 2.5% savings should now be much simpler, non political as far as the "sacred cows" are concerned and deliverable very quickly.

What we need beyond this are spending reduction and income generating ideas that truly call for "stretch" and significant changes in approaches, thinking and culture. 

This is necessary if we are going to modernise the Island, reduce bureaucracy, increase its attractiveness to new wealth creating businesses and to immigration to boost resident numbers.

For example

  • if it is not a sacred cow why do we expect the taxpayers to pick up the tab for the failed Public Sector Pension Fund - why not really get PS numbers down by the equivalent cost amount to pay for it?
  • why not move rapidly to get costs out of local government through consolidation of the 20+ local authorities of one kind and another?
  • why not streamline Tynwald by abolishing the LegCo particularly if local government is made more efficient taking pressure off Tynwald?
  • why not undertake a privatisation programme of  loss making assets such as the Airport?
  • why not invest £20 million in the infrastructure for ultra high speed broadband rather than paying for a new Landing Stage to help out Peel Ports redevelopmentbof Liverpool?
  • why not radically overhaul farm grants to use the money to develop new and innovative farming not existing operations?
  • etc...etc...

This requires a quantum shift in political and social attitudes and a genuine commitment, not lip service, to dealing with sacred cows



Why the contribution is important

To create a better and financially stronger future we need to set far more challenging goals than 2.5% cost reductions.

Is the statement about there being no more sacred cows genuine or just political gobbledygook?

by dpfellows on May 09, 2017 at 08:15PM

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  • Posted by Yukiyama May 10, 2017 at 09:00

    If course they are scared cows - Lol

    1 Cabinet Office cut 200 staff with zero impact
    2 Tax Pension Lump Sums

    Not gonna happen because its now affecting politicians .

    Your ideas are good but this is about tinkering with finances rather than doing the job needed.
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