There is too much wasted time & expense in the toing & froing involved in the administration of justice. Cases are handled multiple times. Justice should be swift, efficient and predictable in order to save costs and deter future offending by the demonstrating an IMMEDIATE & SWIFT delivery of the consequences of offending.

- Make offenders/advocates attend with their own pre-court probation report at their own expense if one is considered approriate to pleading their case
- Make the minimum consequence of definable offences crystal clear and widely published so that they can be routinely handled by the police/civil servants unless subject to appeal e.g.  No Car Tax = 3 times the tax unpaid plus £100 admin cost.   No Car insurance (potentially giving the general public massive expense to bear in serious uninsured accidents)  = 4 Times the Est'd Cost of Annual Insurance.
- Use the existing computer programme to identify offenders i.e. Run off a list of "Untaxed Cars" each month 21? days after Car Tax Expiration. Immediately visit & fine the offender at the 3 times rate.
- Levy on offenders a far more realistic "Costs" figure relating to the provision and running of a Courthouse, Judge's Time, Court Staff etc.,  Cost figures of £50 are ludicrous!
- Openly publish a Table of Fines for "No Shows" at Court. And diligently implement it.






Why the contribution is important

Respect for justice itself and the adherence by society generally to the accepted norms and legislated behaviour need to be SEEN TO BE administered SWIFTLY, FIRMLY & PREDICTABLY.

If they are not, society gradually forms a view that the justice system is incapable of acting dynamically and whether you are held to account is hit and miss.

The work generated by "Repeat Offenders" also clogs the system and undermines the efficiency of the whole.  

Offenders are far more likely to self-discipline themselves if they know that offending is costly and justice is delivered swiftly. The exercise of self-discipline is the best way to ensure justice in society.



by ola on May 13, 2017 at 06:24PM

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  • Posted by ManxVoter May 14, 2017 at 14:54

    Justice dept - along with GSD - should be one of the prime units up for inspection by the independent 'Office For Budget Responsibility'

    Expenditure is massive for such a tiny island
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