Streamline number of benefits

Reduce the number of benefits and allowance schemes available and replace with a single scheme, such as the Universal Credit being rolled out in the U.K.. Where any scheme includes an element of rent or housing allowance consideration could be given to paying this directly to the landlord or local authority to ensure that there are no arrears.

Better still, consider the previous suggestion regarding a monthly allowance for everyone that would cover the basics and remove other schemes altogether

consider also loading benefits or allowances onto payment cards that can be used as a normal debit card rather than cash payments, appreciating that there are a small minority now who do not otherwise use debit or credit cards the move away from cash should be made.

banks could be required to offer bank accounts with debit card only with no overdraft facility for receipt of benefit or allowances

Giving prepaid cards could also increase the use of online services across IOM gov

Why the contribution is important

Reducing the number of schemes will reduce administration costs and make the system clearer. Introducing prepaid cards instead of cash would reduce administration costs

by DragonX on April 14, 2017 at 01:08PM

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