Stop Procrastination - time delays in government decision making cost too much

Government indecision is costing too much e.g. sale of summerland site; award of TT contract; bus station; what to do with prison site , what to do with nobles site; award of Steam Packet contract.

All have huge revenue implications regarding income generation; costs of consultants to advice, costs of government staff time and mis direction.

Why do government procrastinate  so much - in industry we make a decision and implement. That is what we are paid to do. To make a loss is not an option.

The time taken to take action is too slow - time limits should be in place. Do not demolish or put a tender out with out a firm timetable and stick to it. Government is there to govern you are paid to make what always will be unpopular decisions with some sections of society.


Why the contribution is important

Remove obstacles to decision making. Have clear strategies in place that are time benched. Manage the "blocks" in the system firmly and fairly. Govern for all.

by Manneen on May 10, 2017 at 11:15AM

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