Stop living in the past

In one phrase “Invest heavily in technology”.

We should continue encouraging our telecom companies to bring our infrastructure in line with the best in the world, and we should do so even if it means having to subsidise it.

We should aim to offer a lot more computing and science based courses at UCM and invest in the education of the next generation to ensure that we have the skills to be able to innovate and make some of the next load of great discoveries here on island.

We should mark an area of unused land (of which there are several dotted around) on the island and aim to build a village of high-tech companies to act as a hub for communication of free ideas and to entice start-ups.

We need to open a dialogue with industry experts to help write legislation and regulations to ensure that we are in front of the curve when it comes to matters like data protection and net neutrality and we need to be known far and wide for doing this.

We can legislate for these types of things better than a large country can simply because our government has a lot less moving parts and we should be doing so.  We need to stop being stuck in the past and look towards the future.

Why the contribution is important

The whole premise of this dialogue process seems to be based on us cutting services in the hopes of our budget shortfall evening out in the end but this is based on a fallacy.  If we stop investing money the shortfall will just grow and grow and it will be left to the next generations to come up with a way of fixing it.  We need to be investing in and courting the markets of the future, not cutting services to try and continue to prop up our investments in the markets of the past.

One great thing we have going for us is the potential we have to legislate and implement ideas faster than other countries are able to so let’s do that to get ourselves out of this situation.  Regardless of the political turmoil around us we all know that automation and faster and better computer systems are not going away.  We need to embrace this reality and invest heavily in tech, encourage our telecoms to roll out better and faster connections and start playing with cutting edge stuff again, mark land for creating a new tech village, offer a lot more computer and science based courses at UCM and (as our services take shape) improve our transport links.

The next Apple, the next Facebook, the next Nintendo, the next Fitbit and the next Paypal are out there somewhere and there is no reason they should overlook our island when choosing where to put up shop.

by hamertime on April 05, 2017 at 12:53PM

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