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I have worked in both the private and 3rd sector but when I came to work in Government I have never seen some staff do so little; talk so much and drink so much coffee throughout the day, in addition to some arriving in the morning and rather than starting work, making breakfast of cereal or toast and a drink.  That is not in the department in which I directly work where all are thankfully hard working but in a department to which I was seconded for a few hours a week for 6 months.  The trouble was some of the Managers were so slack too.  If somebody is not doing their job, be it a Manager or anyone, they should go down the proper disciplinary route as happens in private enterprise and if necessary should be sacked in due course if the situation warrants this.  However, in Government all that happens is that they are moved sideways with less responsibility and still on the same top management salary or they are given early retirement and a fat redundancy package.

If a staff is not up to doing their job they shouldn't be kept on in that job.  An example is that Estates came to our building to fix door locks and stick a piece of loose skirting back.  The Estate man's answer of "fixing" the locks was simply to spray them with WD40 and regarding the skirting, he said he couldn't do that as he fractured his pelvis 2 years previously and couldn't now bend down to anything below waist height!!  I don't pay the bill so don't know if the information is correct but I was told Estates charge £80 per call out.  That seems excessive especially when they can't do the job and it then takes a separate call out for the skirting board job. I hasten to add I know there are some pockets in Government where there are very hard working staff but many have no idea of hard work. Less Managers but good quality ones who properly motivate and supervise staff and deal with the situation if they aren't up to doing the job, are essential going forward.

Cut out the use of private e-mailing, internet use, mobile phone use etc in work time in Government unless it is an emergency. There was an article in the Daily Mail in April stating how much time it has been found Government workers waste in work time on Amazon, Facebook, private e-mailing etc.

Introduce a simpler Performance Development ("PD") system for staff - many staff don't even understand the "competencies" section & a line manager ends up filling it in for them.  It is meaningless as there is no incentive if PD's are good or even, as far as I can see, no discipline if they are bad.  They just take a phenomenal amount of time for managers and staff and then probably sit on a shelf.  The form is just as complex for part time staff as for full time staff, eg with the job I do with 7.5 hours a week surely there could just be a brief form  Proper management and supervision, together with a much simplified PD system if it is felt one is necessary would be more beneficial than copious paperwork of the current system .That just creates a lot of unnecessary staff time which in turn is money.


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