Speed Cameras

Install some speed cameras in vulnerable locations where motorists constantly exceed the speed limit.

Crosby and Glen Vine immediately sring to mind as children walk to MArown School along the pavements there and motorists seem oblivious to them.

Two cameras would undoubtedly lead to additional revenue for IOM Government, If statistics are true then it is claimed that 1 in 4 drivers speed. If that is the case then 4,000 vehicles moving from/to Peel to Douglas verymorning equals 8,000 car movements in a day. If the 1 in 4 are caught by speed cameras and issued an £80 fine that coul mean reveneue from 2,000 fixed penatlies issued to 2,000 people which totals £160,000 in one day!

It is understodd that there are more that 5,000 vehicles.

Other cameras placed in other areas around the Island where speeding is an issue would likely generate similar reveneue and will probably pay for themselves in the fist hour of use on a Monday morning. The amounts leveied from fines would aslo pay for administration of the initiative.

Why the contribution is important

£160,000 each weekday eqauates to £80,000 and in excess of £41m in a year. This initiative will reduce speeding on the Island and therefore meet two of the main themes in the Programme for Government in promoting both a responsible Island and a healthy and safe Island.   

by GavinIOMGov on May 16, 2017 at 11:23AM

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