Social responsibility tax allowances

Many delivery drivers, posties, milk men often go above and beyond their duties through the course of their work. Older people rely on them to open the jar of jam , help put on the cardi etc. They are the first to raise the alarm if letters pile up parcels remain un collected etc. Many (not all) provide a link with the wider world. To encourage this vital source of support which allows many to retain their independance and therefore reduce reliance on state services, could the government look at a special tax allowance for those jobs were they do look after the communities they serve. Possibly supporting them with some vocational day course in First Aid and social care as a qualifying point. ( just to formalise and protect both parties)

When social carers and home helps are in short supply and great demand this could go someway to supporting the more vulnerable at a basic level. It would help identify the most vulnerable at a earlier stage thus ensure prompt and appropriate referral to the social services at a time when it would be most effective and less costly.

Why the contribution is important

Recognise and support lower paid workers in the service sector who already give "social care" informally at minimum cost to the government.

The growing need for social care is one of the foremost challenges in the next 20 years. Looking for effective low cost solutions to promote care in the community is crucial.

This would ensure a low level blanket all island care coverage at minimal cost.

Early identification of individuals struggling to cope would reduce individual suffering, early intervention is always less costly per patient than emergency admission and treatment.

by Manneen on April 12, 2017 at 07:59PM

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