Short term Increase corporation tax/levy on profits or PPP

Although zero10 is attractive, there's a relatively poor income generated from businesses that utilise the scheme. A short term percentage levy on profit or increase in taxation could increase tax take. it would be important to balance this with the potential if losing businesses to other low tax jurisdictions.

alternatively, businesses could be encouraged to 'sponsor' certain public services (not events) such as supply of books to schools, funding student fees or nurse training, replacement ambulances, or engage in other public/private partnerships. Involvement in such schemes could of course be incentivised in some way, for example a future % tax break based on the investment made.

For eaxample, if a business was given the opportunity to manage the pharmaceutical supplies for the dhsc and Island pharmacies, it may lead to a centralised storage and distribution centre with less waste and improved economies of scale in purchasing. 

Why the contribution is important

Possible temporary increase in tax take

ppp can lead to improved & more efficient services as they are based partly on a more realistic commercial basis

by DragonX on May 14, 2017 at 05:51PM

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