Sell off westlands bungalows

Instead of knocking down perfectly good bungalows at the Westlands Retirement Complex as part of the rebuilding scheme, sell the bungalows, as they are, for private ownership. There is a chronic shortage of affordable retirement bungalows available especially in the west of the Island. Never mind affordable 'first time buyers' homes if there were more affordable 'last time buyers' homes more reasonably priced family sized homes would be released onto the market. Plenty of  retirement bungalows have been  built for local authority tenants to transfer from larger public sector housing but few smaller homes for private home owners. Disabled tenants could be accommodated on the ground floor of the newly built flats.

Why the contribution is important

Selling the 24 x 1bedroom bungalows at Westlands could raise around 3.6 million. Savings would also be made on the demolition/alteration/rebuilding costs of ?  thousands. There would be a loss of future rental income  but this could be offset somewhat by savings in maintenance, heating and grounds maintenance costs. Bungalow owners could be charged management fees for the grounds upkeep and warden services if required.

by MargyG on April 27, 2017 at 10:35AM

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