Sell Manx Radio

Privatise Manx Radio.

Tender and pay for Manx Heritage programming

Why the contribution is important

Manx Radio is expensive.  It is commercial radio station (it has adverts) yet still receives Government handouts of £200k+ per year.

Yet commercial radio is cheap.  It is credit to both Energy FM and 3FM that they are to remain in business (in light of MR's pilfering of advertisers), but it also demonstrates that radio can be run on a very tight budget.

Manx related programmes - news and current affairs, Manx Heritage and Tynwald coverage - may be considered important, but this can be provided by commissioning the programming and choosing the radio station that provides the best content.  This is how TV coverage of the TT is handled.

by DocMills on April 05, 2017 at 02:07PM

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