Sell current Customs & Excise building West Quay for hotel use

The Victorian Railway Station in Douglas has been remodelled.

The Victorian building next to it houses Customs and Excise.

I propose the building is sold off on long term leasehold with the restiction of refurbishing as a hotel (and put time constraints in there, so not empty for years). A smaller less grand version of the scheme at St. Pancras, London:


This would be ideal for railway related tourism, as well as visiting mariners and the general public.

Why the contribution is important

Eliminate expensive to run and maintain old building.

(Relocate Customs and Excise to modern offices).

Rejuvinate the remainder of the station site and smarten up the area.

Increase visitor bed capacity.

Joined up thinking (in line with the Railway Station refurbishment)

Tourism boost (hopefully).


by Manannan on April 26, 2017 at 07:27PM

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