Savings through Energy Efficiency in Private Sector developments

Incentivise a Private Sector Air Tightness Testing Scheme. On the same lines as the Business Support Scheme, the Government should incentivise an Air Tightness Test programme of residential properties in the Private Sector, paying a percentage to the cost, and promoting the scheme as widely as possible. This will not cost the Government much money at all, but will show commitment to reducing Carbon and energy use. This is just as important and impacting, if not more so, than the insulation improvement schemes undertaken several years ago, and is significantly more affordable. It will also impact positively with the increasing problem of fuel poverty, which is on the increase, as well as providing better quality homes that offer the home owners a healthier environment to live in. 


Why the contribution is important

With Air Tightness Testing a mandatory requirement within new build developments through Building Control, it is easy to forget that the biggest impact this discipline has is on the existing building stock, as far more wide ranging issues are uncovered through the testing process. This means huge savings can be made on remediating the areas of concern highlighted by reducing the energy spend immediately. The cost of testing and remediation, often easily undertaken by the home owner once identified, will be paid back often in months and provide a much healthier and comfortable liiving space.



by SteveBrownSNX on May 14, 2017 at 05:21PM

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