Revisit contracts of employment for government employees making them generic

Increase employee flexibility by making contracts of employment generic so facilitating redeployment of staff giving more flexibility to the delivery of government services. e.g. rather than appointing headteachers to one specific school they are employed to the Education authority who then allocates them to a school. This way failing staff can be moved on and so all schools have access to a pool of tried and tested heads and no school will be tied to a poor member of staff. If all services were delivered to the highest standard then children/ families all over the IOM would recieve the same standard of service regardless of which department is delivering it and where they are located.

Why the contribution is important

Increase central managerial and HR control, leading to increased productivity.

Minimise poor recuitment decisions and impact on service delivery.

Reduce golden goodbye payments to "wrong" hires and lengthy legal disputes.

Vacancies can be gapped and covered and perhaps 1 head could cover 2 schools ? or depots reduce managerial costs whereby there were 2 managers previously.

by Manneen on April 12, 2017 at 08:27PM

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