Review the Income Tax System

Raise the higher tax of 22% to at least 30%, which is still 10% lower that that in the UK.

The revenue gained could then enable the Isle of Man Government to start seriously addressing and improving the transport links on and off the Island, impact of which would;

1. Help the youger generation feel better about staying on the Island, knowing that they could easily go on and off the Island to visit friends and family, go to concerts and festivals at an affordable price and often.

2. Recruitment and retention of key workers such as nurses and teachers would also be helped by the improved and reasonable priced transport links.

3. Young families considering relocatiung to the Island would also see that visiting family and freinds in then UK and further afield not such a financial burdenm which may have deterred them from comming before.

4. Tourist industry, sporting, musical and cultural festivals would all benefit and enable them to be become wel established, in line with the TT.

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As above.

by GavinIOMGov on May 16, 2017 at 11:29AM

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  • Posted by dpfellows May 16, 2017 at 15:29

    How would you handle tax capping? The average tax paid on income by recipients of the cap is 3.8% and by upper band tax payers not in receipt of cap 12% (per Eddie Teare)
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