Review the effectiveness of Treasury

Money saving is always driven and co-ordinated by Treasury - yet a) they don't seem to get the same demand to reduce costs and b they promulgate inefficient systems.

As an example of their inefficient systems, it took years of asking before the eventually rolled out the use of charge cards that facilitated electronic ordering and a streamlined processing system (but still a rigid and tightly controlled process). Now they are going backwards again, wanting invoices sent to Treasury ("shared services") for processing and payment instead of by charge card by the budget holder, which takes the local budget holder more time, delays payment to the creditor reducing rapport, adds an additional workload on the local budget holder when inevitable queries arise from the creditor if a payment hasn't been made or is late, and as inevitably a proportion of invoices sometimes go astray when sent to Treasury it is necessary to keep a photocopy of every invoice just in case - even more work, time, cost and storage. They nead to 'LEAN' this system, amongst others.

Why the contribution is important

Greater efficiency, with direct saving of staff time, cost and storage, less frustration for staff, improved relationship with suppliers, and improved morale for staff involved.

by Jadedpublicservant on May 14, 2017 at 09:48PM

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