Review of emergency care provision.

Review emergency care provision within the DHSC. This should include Emergency Department at Noble's, Minor Injuries Unit at Ramsey Cottage and the Manx Emergency Doctor Service (but could also involve/include other services).

Review should consider service need, service use and value for money.

Consider service redesign through redeployment of staff and resources.

Provide all services through one Emergency Department.

Reinvestment of monies saved might be necessary to facilitate the service redesign but if done in conjunction with the service users and service providers with the emphasis on getting it right the first time this would be a one off investment (e.g. building work to facilitate expansion of services on one site).


Why the contribution is important

With a small population spread over a large area it is essential to balance service requirements and usage with value for money.  Redesigning emergency care provision could provide an opportunity to extract value from all services and ensure that the resources available are used fairly and effectively.


by pauliom on May 11, 2017 at 10:01AM

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