Retired employees being brought back as contractors

I've heard in the DHA employees are retiring on full pension then being brought back as contractors. They should have adequate succession planning in place rather than paying people twice essentially as they are being paid their full pension entitlement as well as a contractors salary on top perhaps even higher than their previous wage.

The department isnt going to come to a halt because one person's expertise has gone, there should be suitable candidates in the ranks who can step up and learn the role.

Why the contribution is important

This practice doesnt encourage knowledge sharing - individuals will keep it all to themselves knowing that if they leave they'll still get their full pension entitlement and get paid good money to come back as a contractor. Will they then share the knowledge when they are back in as a contractor? Probably not and you will still be in the same position when they decide to leave.

If this practice is stopped there will be a monetary saving and will empower employees who are able to take on more responsibilities to gain promotion opportunities, employees will see that there is now potential for career progression which will boost morale.

Their knowledge may also be outdated preventing new ideas leading to positive changes to the way things are done.

by George on April 04, 2017 at 09:48AM

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