Restructuring one area of DEC

One part of the Department of Education and Children is the Education Improvement Service. From reviewing all the school external validation reports, it appears that all Island schools are good or better. Therefore, that section of the Department has completed their role successfully – ensuring good education is in all establishments and services across the Island. The Education Improvement Service (which includes a Director, advisers and advisory teachers) should be disbanded, and the school self review process, and teacher professional development should be moved to the Island Headteachers and UCM Principal. The Headteachers know their schools and staff needs best – it should fall to them to ensure that education continues to be good or better. By doing this, this will enable excellent professional development for all school leaders. The focus could shift to a school peer review programme (with Headteachers in regional clusters supporting each other), and the successful clustering of Island schools. The model for external validation of schools would continue, to ensure school and Headteacher accountability. Appointments for Headteachers and school leaders could fall to the CEO, school governors and Minister.

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The idea is important as it would create savings in one area of DEC - at least eight salaries. The role of Headteacher would be developed, with no extra cost entailed to DEC.

by Sea_biscuit on May 10, 2017 at 10:31PM

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