Restructuring of the present Board System to create One Legal Unified Operating Body (Isle of Man PLC)

It is widely recognised that underpinning the achievement of the required savings must be a move towards Government Departments coming together as one entity, with centralised reporting and accountability with all areas working together to achieve the corporate aims and objectives which are translated into Departmental aims and objectives. Prioritisation of work plans is essential with resources being directed to the main and essential areas as agreed. All Board Chief Executives should be accountable to the Chief Secretary as the corporate Chief Executive.

The centralisation of many tasks currently undertaken by individual Departments, the organisation being seen as one for legal issues such as Data Protection, Safeguarding, Technology and HR can remove many of the costly duplications of process which currently take place.

This would also enable a one stop approach being delivered to the public thus alleviating the need to approach various Departments to record the same information.

Budgetary controls and financial procedures could be amended to reflect corporate practice by allowing Departments to retain any surplus or underspending which could be transferred into a sinking fund for future capital projects rather than being lost to the Department which is a disincentive.

Within this area of responsibility consideration should be given to streamlining Local Authorities with cost savings.

Allied to all of this is improved communications within Departments so that cohesion reduces duplication and costly uncompleted projects.


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