Restructure the school year

Authorities elsewhere have been operating a better balanced school year for some time. The system we operate here sees half term blocks vary from 4 - 9 weeks, influenced mostly by the fluctuating Easter date. I suggest that each half term block should be roughly the same length with just the long weekend off at Easter time and a Spring break at a time to fit in with the new pattern. I also suggest that the summer holidays are 2 weeks shorter but that the October and February half term breaks are each 1 week longer. This will cut the cost of heating and lighting in schools and lessen staff sickness absence costs. I believe that it would be beneficial for parents also, particularly with the cost of holidays during traditional school holiday periods.

Also, for safety reasons, schools should close during practice week. Schools should have a 2 week break at TT. I know that secondary schools have to remain open for exams during TT week itself but I believe that any moves to lessen the amount of traffic on the roads during practice week would be welcomed by most people.

The school year would still be 39 weeks but those weeks would be better distributed.

Summer - 4 weeks

Autumn break - 2 weeks

Christmas - 2 weeks

February break - 2 weeks

Spring break - 1 week

TT - 2 weeks



Why the contribution is important

I believe it would make a significant saving in heating and lighting costs in all IOM schools and the UCM

Teachers and students wouldn't get so exhausted at the end of very long terms, therefore sickness absence costs would be reduced

Parents would benefit through cheaper holiday costs - and by lessening the costs of entertaining bored children in the long summer holiday

It would be useful to see how learning has improved in authorities that have had this system for a while. Also pupil behaviour - is it better if students aren't so tired? Or so bored in very long holidays?

Practice week roads would be clearer

by Walkerannie on April 18, 2017 at 12:32PM

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  • Posted by LeanGreen April 18, 2017 at 19:28

    Even a 4 term year with 4 blocks of 10 weeks and then 3 weeks holiday.

    And get the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churches to fix the date of Easter.
  • Posted by ninjadispenser May 06, 2017 at 20:22

    Current school holidays are too long,too often and way out of date for the modern two working parent family.Its a nightmare in the Summer for them as well as costly in child care or crippling for poor old grandparents who are doing more and more raising of kids.
    Britain is something like eighth on the table of education in the world which for a 21st Century country is embarrassing.You can bet those countries that are ahead of us have a much tighter attitude to education/homework and fewer holidays.The work ethic in our schools is non existent with 11 year olds who are illiterate still and discipline so appalling that Teachers can't cope with it any more.
    Recently a Headmaster returned a 'sink' school to the old rules of uniform,no mobiles and detention and the exam results rocketed! It is now a top school with people fighting to get their kids in there.
    Who needs to learn a lesson then?
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