Replace maternity leave with carers leave

Many people will never use maternity leave. However we will all become carers at some time. We all contribute to the pot. In this age of equal rights why should mothers and fathers just get an allowance for looking after their own children ?

The government/IOM needs a strategy to support all residents in caring for illness/ needs of close family members for reasons such as adoption; dementia; major operations; cancer treatment etc.The social care system has not got the capacity to care for us all.

We will become carers at some point - should the maternity/ paternity rules not be extended to cover us all ?

There would have to be guidelines and perhaps time limits and limits put on no of times the benefit could be claimed. 


Why the contribution is important

Less sickness absence and cost to Iom and employers if employers can take time of legally to support family members.

Less drain on health and social care systems if families are able to support each other.

by Manneen on May 11, 2017 at 11:03AM

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  • Posted by ninjadispenser May 12, 2017 at 01:39

    Carers have saved the Government millions of pounds ,specifically in the case of Carers for people with dementia and learning disabilities who are chronologically adults but remain as children permanently through no fault of their own,but who's care would cost the State enormous amounts of money bar for the ceaseless care of their family members for which they get pitiful recompense and who's health always suffers as a result of worry both in the present and about the future of the 'child' when the parents die. Carers allowance is a joke and if one gets even a part time job it is cut so no gain is made(God forbid you should earn a little extra) .
    Govern,net should provide Carers with two holidays a year during which paid Carers come into the home 24hours a day to replace them whilst they have a complete break.Sorry,just slipped into a fantasy there............
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