Replace bin collections with large rubbish bins in each estate

I've just come back from Europe (Spain, Portugal, Holland) In each of those countries, house bin collections are very rare or non-existant. Each local area (housing estates, local carparks etc) have large bins for domestic rubbish. These are emptied as required, often daily, but it saves the cost of a team of binmen going up & down every street in the area once a week.


Why the contribution is important

We should be recycling more, so the amount of domestic rubbish per household should be getting smaller. This idea ould encourage recycling, which could be done at the same time. Most people wouldn't have a problem with dropping a binbag into the communal bins when necessary. Those who can't do that (disabled, infirm etc) tend to have friends, family, carers who could do this for them.

by martincritchley on May 12, 2017 at 09:48AM

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