Replace Apple MacBooks, iPads with Google Chromebooks

As far as I know, all school children and staff at Manx schools get allocated a Google account. These accounts are used for course work documents, email etc.


In January 2014 it was announced that teachers were to receive 946 'laptops' at a cost of £742,000, which averages £784 per 'laptop'. I asked minister Tim Crookall to confirm whether these were Windows laptops or Mac laptops. He did not answer the question.


The simplest most secure optiion that is optimised for accessing a Google Account, which requires minimal maintenance is... a Google Chromebook.

Basic Chromebooks start at £180, so for your £742K you could have 4,122 of them vs 946 MacBooks. Essentially a disposable item.

Even if you move up to a higher end Chromebook at £280 you could still have had 2,650 of them (2.8x as many).

Google Chromebooks essentially do not allow applications to be installed on them and are virus hardened. This means they require far less software maintenance than a traditional operating system based PC/laptop.


Not just schools/education could benefit, central and local government too.

Why the contribution is important

Lower aquisition cost + Lower maintenance cost = Lower Total Cost of Ownership m (TCO):

No hardware vendor lock-in

Improved security (virus hardened, no data stored on Chromebook)

Good enough solution


by Manannan on April 26, 2017 at 06:52PM

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  • Posted by Fairforall April 27, 2017 at 09:10

    There appears to be very little if any scrutiny throughout many Goverment departments regarding the need of or for the viability or of the goods and services being purchased.
    I fear that the above mentioned purchase of computers could well be the tip of a very very big ice berg.

    In this electronic age of communications I wonder just how well scrutinised the Goverment purchase of, and possibly the misuse of, mobile phones and their on going monthly usage costs.

    Again there is the scenario like the Governent purchase of top of the range 4X4s for some personnel when the simplest and the cheapest would fulfill the need!
  • Posted by charlie April 27, 2017 at 20:58

    And the irony is that central purchasing has basically ended the donations of hardware to schools because it all has to be bought by them and software installed and supported by them.So with schools no longer able to accept hardware and the budget cut, kids do without.
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