Remove drinks machines from Government offices.

Remove drinks machines from government offices.  A hot drinks vending machine can cost around £20,000 pa to provide free teas/coffees to staff. - an unjustifiable expence when the provision of a kettle or a water boiler can do the job at a fraction of the cost.

These machines also waste valuable matterials by dispensing in single use cups which cannot be recyled.  Theses machines can be used with regular mugs however most people opt for the conveniece of taking a throw away cup. 

Similary water dispensers which use a supply of bottled water rather than piped in from the mains supply should be removed.  The IOM's drinking water is of excellent quality and the Government should be promoting its consumption and supply reusable glasswear not 1000's of tiny plastic cups.


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Most Government offices have some form of drinks vending machine and some offices even have several.  The financial savings will be imediate and provided there is a supply of drinking water and a kettle, no impact to staff.

The idea that materials can be used once and then thrown away is unsustainable and government should take the lead and cease the supply of disposal cups throughout. 


by work3 on May 03, 2017 at 10:56AM

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