Reform of Planning Permission Time Scales

At present planning permission lasts for 4 years, but if the person digs a few holes etc, before the expiry date the planning permission does not expire, since work has started. However very often the work stops and the site is then left empty for years. If the rule is changed so that the building must be completed within 4 years or planning has to be renewed, then

1) The government would make an additional charge to renew the planning permission.

2) The building scheme would start quicker, and create building jobs, meaning more tax and NI is raised for the government.

3) Empty building sites would not blight the island.This may encourage other people to invest in the island, or to move to the island.

Why the contribution is important

Increased fee income for the planning department. More jobs so more tax and NI for the Government.

by PaulC on May 04, 2017 at 09:02PM

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  • Posted by Buster May 06, 2017 at 22:47

    The planning system needs a complete review. The current system came from the mount Murray inquiry.
    There should be a step where a person who wants to carry out work can meet with the planning officer and Director of planning and they can decide to aproval or not.
    There is no such thing as first stage planning, as once a decsion has been madequate then that is a final decsion, unless a review is requested.
    This function should certainly not be given to Commissioners as it placessation them in a very difficult postion, in particular to refuse an application made by one of their elecorate. Local authorities do not have the expertise to draft valid planning conditions.
    I would dread to think of the accusations that would be made. They are to close to the applicant arms length is crucial.
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