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We need to reduce the number of admin staff in the hospital. We have numerous secretaries (some of whom have their own secretaries) who earn extortionate wages to type letters. With the technology readily available, letters and notes can be dictated directly to a computer. By reducing the number of secretaries, and their salaries (some are currently earning in the region of £40k a year to type letters) we will not only save money but we can also increase the salaries of nurses to a level they deserve

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This is important as at present we are employing far too many staff in the wrong areas. The hospital is desperate for nursing staff, and considering how educated a nurse is their pay levels are ridiculously low. Especially when compared to a school drop out who does a typing course at college By increasing the number of nurses and the package we can offer we can help turn around the problems within Nobles whilst hopefully saving money by reducing unnecessary staff.

by Medic79 on April 16, 2017 at 10:20PM

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  • Posted by bindyk April 25, 2017 at 11:30

    Yes, this does seem ridiculous. How can a secretary earn more than a trained nurse?
    Most people can type their own letters now at work.
    A nurse has to go through a few years of training. A secretary doesn't deserve to be paid more than
    a qualified nurse. They only have to pass a couple of ocr exams in a year!
    IOM Government get your priorities right!
  • Posted by ninjadispenser April 25, 2017 at 15:53

    Unfortunately,the requirement for 'A' levels that make nursing a degree course now,excludes some people who are caring,capable,sensible but not 'academic' from entering nursing. There are too many Managers rather than the Ward Sister who ran the place with an iron will but all the jobs got done and patients felt secure and cared for. Now, we seem to have folks who want to be in meetings,on working parties and go on courses,but don't actually want to be 'hands on' with patients.I am sure this is not across the board but the accent has changed from focus on the patient to focus on the nurses academic recognition.I was a nurse for 23 years and when a newly qualified nurse said to me that she didn't know how to do a blood pressure because her course didn't cover it,I was speechless!
    Pay the nurses what they are worth by all means,but leave the door open for folks who are good at the practicalities of caring for people,not just the theory of it.
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