Reduce the number of MHK's

24 MHK's service 84,000 population i.e. 1 MHK per 3500 residents.

Compare: -

Wales - 60 MWA's service 3 million population i.e. 1 MWA per 50000 residents

Scotland - 129 MSP's service 5 million population i.e. 1 MSP per 38000 residents

NI - 90 NIA's service 2 million population i.e. 1 NIA per 22000 residents

Add 650 Westminster MP's to the members of National Parliament and the UK has 929 elected representatives to service 65 million population.


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Why the contribution is important

Half the number of MHK's and save on salaries, expenses, pensions and other benefits.

Also by consequence reduce the number of administration and supporting staff servicing the MHK's.

12 MHK's covers the cabinet needs of the Isle of Man.

by SamIOMGov on May 15, 2017 at 02:20PM

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