Reduce Political Members for Departments

We all know that it is the public servants who are the ones with the expertise and knowledge to run the services across government... not the politicians. The politicians are important for democratic direction of government, but I fail to see the business case for government to need three, four or five MHKs/MLCs assigned as Ministers/Members of each Department, when one or two would do.

The only thing of real value that they do as Ministers/Members which they can't do as regular MHKs/MLCs is represent the Department interests within Tynwald.

What would happen if we reduce the number of Members for Departments??

- We would streamline the process for political sign off on policy decisions within government

- We would save money on the salaries of politicians

- We would have better democratic process within Tynwald as there would be a more appropriate proportion of Tynwald who were serving within the government and have more 'opposition' within Tynwald

- Reduce micro management coming from politicians who think they know what they don't know

In the UK, there are Departments much larger than those we run here, with less political members within those Departments than we have here.

It was also a recommendation of Lord Lisvane's for less political Members of Departments.

Why the contribution is important

Saving of money that would be spent on enhancements to politician's salaries.

Politicians will be able to focus their time more constructively challenging government from an 'opposition' perspective.

by Nedloh on April 04, 2017 at 11:35AM

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