Reduce number of "RTCs"

We seem to have an astonishing number of "RTCs" on the Island, which must cost a large amount in emergency services time, health costs etc.  Poor driving (excessive speed, driving over the middle of the road, cutting corners and over mini roundabout circles,...) seems endemic.  Part of the problem is the almost invisible white lines, roundabout circles etc.  Repaint these, educate drivers, and prosecute poor driving.

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Reduce costs of dealing with road traffic accidents.  Improve safety.

by ntaverner on April 05, 2017 at 12:37PM

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  • Posted by ladyofmann April 05, 2017 at 20:38

    Agree there are too many RTC's. I was once told that a fatality costs about four million pounds when everything is taken into account. However, we probably need a lot more police out there to enforce the law. Painting white lines could help, but only if drivers heed them. Mobile phone use whilst driving is a huge problem and in the north of the island too many near misses with large, speeding farm and contractors' vehicles. If only someone could spot them and deal with them with draconian punishments!
  • Posted by Joe1000 April 07, 2017 at 11:09

    We have a road safety dept that has the profile of the invisible man, i think they pop out for the xmas and summer evening road safety drink drive message, plus the lollypop man and bike training at the schools.
    When was the last time you remember them getting involved in road safety campaigns- very quiet or i missed it.
    We have lots of RTCs but not a peep from ROAD SAFETY, their job is in the name
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