Reduce costs at source - Prevention rather than cure

There are some simple things and I am sure that the manx public will know more , that if were stopped at source we would not have to have a bill to pick up to put them right. Examples of things that fall into this category are:-

Chewing gum- removal is costly - gum is of no nutritional value - Singapore has banned it and with good reason.

Social enquiry reports for court cases - if the person has pleaded guilty, go to court with the social enquiry report completed - do not defer to another date to have one compiled.

MHK's and other public servants - get them CRB checked as a rerequisite for standing for office /being employed. We had a MHK who could not represent the island in certain parts of the world because they had a criminal record - this limited the functions that they could carry out in government and added costs.

Anti social behaviour - vandalism - name and shame - adopt some of the practices in other parts of the world e.g. playing classical music outside communal places stops youths gathering, extend the posrt police  function to cover the sea termibal car park were groups of hot rod racers gather.

Being clear to people about what standards of behaviour are expected and what personal responsibility they have. Consider publishing a "Manx code of Good Conduct" Common sense is a flower that does not grow in everyones garden !

Why the contribution is important

A proactive approach to will reduce rework, protect the society we live in and stop us having a repair bill for things that we delibrately broke through neglect or reckless action.

by Manneen on May 04, 2017 at 08:23AM

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