Recycle scrap tyres locally

Rather than shipping scrap tyres off Island to be processed, presumably at a cost, install capital equipment on the Island such that tyres can be recycled into their constituent parts - rubber, steel & cotton. The rubber crumb can be reused in local road surfaces, the steel has value as scrap as do cotton fibres. This would provide a local solution to a problem we currently export at a cost. It would provide jobs, a proper & relatively environmentally friendly solution to disposal, whilst earning a modest income off the steel & cotton to recover the cost of the plant equipment long term.

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The disposal of tyres is a difficult process. They either need to be burnt in a specific facility, recycled or buried. Of these, the preference must be to recycle & reuse the constituent parts of the tyres construction. Rather than paying for them to be exported and disposed of, they could be recycled locally and the recycled constituents either sold on or reused locally in other businesses. There has been significant work in the last ten years to improve the efficiency of the recycling process and reduce the cost of the capital equipment required for the process. A cost benefit analysis should be conducted to assess the financial case for local recycling.

by PeteJonz on April 06, 2017 at 09:35PM

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  • Posted by ninjadispenser April 16, 2017 at 16:25

    Certainly worth a look at this though I know little about tyres personally. Our history of recycling is rather poor,with roadside recycling being dumped(pardon pun) as not cost efficient,I think the powers that be did not give it long enough before stopping as the feel good factor of recycling builds up the more you do it and I was frankly disappointed when it ceased. I know it's not your subject of tyres,but it think a wider conversation needs to be had about recycling which should include your well thought out suggestion.A true recycling Centre would be fantastic for the Island but it would have to be one that dealt with all aspects of recycling to make it viable and workable.
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