Recruit and train local people.

There are some government departments ( and I am thinking of Social Work as I write) that have failed to recruit and train local people and so have become dependent on locums , who are very expensive and have no real commitment to their clients or the department ( being employed on short term contracts ). The increase in their use leads to constant change and disruption which creates a vicious cycle as the department becomes a very unattractive and difficult place to work in as colleagues come and go. Consequently the turnover is increased. 

This is VERY  difficult for the clients, especially children, who need to be able to make a relationship with their social worker to  begin to trust them . This is impossible if they have a series of Social Workers who say they will try to help but just leave. 

Training local people would cost money in the short term ,but would pay dividends in that the department would become more efficient and effective if they have a more stable team. 

Why the contribution is important

Primarily because people who need a social worker need to create a relationship with them if there is to be any change. Children in particular need to be able to trust their key worker and can't do this if they are constantly disappearing. In fact any turnover is likely to decrease a child's trust in the system and childen who are failed by the system are more likely than others to end up in prison. 

The current system of employing locums is very expensive and very inefficient , even counter productive. 

Whilst I am not aware of the degree that locums are used in other departments this argument still applies in terms of expense, consistency and efficiency what ever the department. 

by PK on May 10, 2017 at 06:40PM

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