Recruit a full time chairperson for Tribunals

Although recruiting will add to the costs, the amount currently being paid to tribunal chairpersons must far outweigh what the cost would be. Figures on the published 2016 Tribunals Report shows 68 Employment Tribunal cases were dealt with in 2016 at an average cost of just over £1600 per matter. Following the calculation, the total cost is in the region of £110k. The cost does not cover other Tribunals shown in the report. As costs always go up, it would be interesting to see a total breakdown for all tribunals for 2017 but the true figures will never be revealed.

The chairperson gets paid for attending and hearing the matter, preparing beforehand and for writing up his judgement. There is clearly no way in which any controls in terms of time can be in place in respect of preparation and writing up when the costs are considered.

Recruitment would mean the individual hearing all tribunal matters, allowing matters to be progressed speedily. If there was insufficient work, the person could help the Judiciary as there are now lots of Panel Deemsters which must also be costing the Govt a fortune but the figures will never be made public.



Why the contribution is important

Reduction in cost and having a resource to undertake other work, providing value for money to Govt


by Benjamin on May 14, 2017 at 08:09PM

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