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If the Government want to increase the population, there has to be some incentive to live here.  At the moment there is none - exorbitant utility charges, poor roads, high transport costs.  Instead of increasing the population for the sake of numbers (which seems to be Government policy at the moment), introduce vetting schemes to ensure that ALL new residents will be useful members of our society and not a drain on our services.  Government needs to be more discerning about the people who come here to live - perhaps introduce a system like Australia covering any health issues, criminal recors, etc.  At the moment anybody can come here to live despite the work permit system.


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by MelindaIOMGov on May 11, 2017 at 01:37PM

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  • Posted by phoenix May 14, 2017 at 14:23

    There are innumerable advantages to living here in comparison to U.K.
    Short commuting distances with an annual mileage per person nearer 6000 rather than 12000 'across' massive saving.
    Tax 20% after joint allowances compared with 40%- half as costly as across.
    Low rates compared with council tax 'across' around 40% saving
    No inheritance Tax only a small 'death tax- huge savings
    No stamp duty on property transactions , and I haven't mentioned commercial advantages.
    Then we have:- far lower crime rates, far greater personal security, an ability to enjoy sea countryside and sports on our doorstep, very little pollution, great night sky views.
    Surely this is enough to 'promote' living here without offering 'incentives'!!
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