In order to operate a fair system, ALL prescriptions should be chargeable, except where patients are in receipt of benefits or of State Pensionable age. (Maybe means test those on benefits who may have full wage earners living contributing to their income.)

Diabetic patients who are presently exempt, also, as I have been advised, are patients with certain other medical conditions such as those requiring Thyroxine.

Whilst it is accepted that medication is essential to manage these ailments, there are others that are equally debilitating or even life threatening such as Asthma and those suffering heart conditions or taking necessary medications following surgery for serious illness/injury which are charged for. 

As it would be unrealistic to expect free medication for all conditions then everyone should contribute and pay their fair share.

Prescriptions are affordable for all by using the pre-paid system. All items including needles/swabs, etc. that are required in addition to medication could be obtained via prescription using the pre-paid system, thus ensuring fair pricing for all and ensuring savings for Government.

It is unrealistic to expect the taxpayer to support the level of free prescriptions quoted in Government figures.

Why the contribution is important

To implement savings and ensure a fair system of charging.

by JMT on May 15, 2017 at 02:08PM

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